How to boost your income easily by attracting more referrals

How to monetize a crypto website with TokenAd

Did you know that you can make money with TokenAd simply by referring other webmasters to our network? All you need to do is spread the word about our monetization solutions and get 5% lifetime from every weekly payment your referrals receive. Sounds good, right? But bear in mind one important thing: you earn money […]

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Where to find quality crypto traffic on a moderate budget?

As you all know the number of crypto projects is growing massively from day to day and the growth has just started. Therefore, it becomes really hard to stand out in this crowd and get people’s attention to your idea. That’s why we’ve created TokenAd – an advertising network for all kinds of crypto-related projects. […]

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ICO advertising in 2018: how to promote your ICO without Google & Facebook

ICO advertising is becoming increasingly difficult to run as we move further into 2018. Some of the largest advertising platforms, organizations and even governments are proceeding with banning all kinds of ICO promotions. It’s hard to find the real reason behind these bans. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube claim to protect their users (and themselves) from […]

Fraud crypto traffic warning: stay away from these scam websites

Ad fraud is continuing to be a modern marketer’s main concern. Advertisers are said to be wasting up to $51 million a day on thousands of websites receiving fake traffic, which may add up to well over $19 billion in wasted ad spend by the end of 2018.* While most people blame it on bot […]

How to get paid in bitcoin regularly? TokenAd Payment Policy explained

Payment Policy TokenAd Network

Still confused how to get paid in bitcoin weekly or when to expect your next TokenAd payment? In this article, we provide a detailed explanation of how and when we process all publisher payments to make sure you know exactly when your next payment lands into your wallet.     First of all, if you […]

List of TokenAd Payment Methods: Which one to choose?

Choosing the right payment method is essential for the publisher. There are many factors to consider before making the decision because conditions vary for each payment processor. Minimum withdrawal (threshold), transaction speed, currency of transaction are the crucial terms to pay attention to. TokenAd offers a variety of currencies and payment methods to suit every partner. […]

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Make your crypto ads 41% more clickable with one simple trick

How to make Crypto ads more clickable Read TokenAd Blog

This week TokenAd Team reveals a simple, yet very effective trick on how to make your crypto ads CTR soar without really making any effort.     Effective solutions are not always difficult. Sometimes a very simple trick can save your day. Just out of curiosity, TokenAd Team decided to test how an image size […]

How to increase your income by 78.5% with correct crypto ads placement

TokenAd Team is constantly researching new undiscovered ways of crypto ads optimization to increase the income of our publishers. In today’s post we are going to share with your our recent findings which will help you gain as much as 78.5% more money, all this without making significant changes to your website. You are already […]

TokenAd Native Ads Experts helped Vietnamese website grow its revenue by 20%

Make the Most out of a Native Ad Take a close look at a Recommendation widget. It consists of several images with captions, aimed at attracting visitors’ attention but never covering or distorting main content. This is the Golden Feature of a Native Ad – it never annoys readers thus preventing webmaster from losing audience’s […]

How to earn from a crypto website with Bitcoin Advertising network

How to monetize a crypto website with TokenAd

TokenAd is a bitcoin advertising network which focuses on crypto-related website monetization and helps bring extra results to our publishers. How do we make it happen? Crypto world boomed in 2017 and amount of interest went over the moon with it accordingly. TokenAd team created a network exclusively focused on all crypto and blockchain related […]

Stop losing 25% of your profits! Switch Anti-Adblock feature ON!

  There’s no doubt that every website owner has a right to get a fair and stable income for the traffic he provides. However, a big rival appeared on a way of a publisher recently. Day by day, all sorts of ad-blocking plugins are gaining popularity and thereby affect the income of publishers significantly. According […]

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TokenAd WordPress plugin for a fast & easy start

Looking for a tool to launch your first crypto-related website or earn some bitcoins from an existing one? TokenAd is happy to present a plugin specially designed for the most popular blogging & website platform – WordPress. This WP plugin enables you to start generating income from your site no matter how much traffic it […]

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How to Start with TokenAd

TokenAd is an advertising network that works only with crypto-related websites, be it bitcoin news portals, blogs, ICO rankings, trading platforms or cryptocurrency exchangers. If you run a website that falls into any of these categories, TokenAd is surely the best monetization solution for you! Here’s a quick guide how to get started with the […]

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Highly productive advertising: the technology behind TokenAd platform

TokenAd platform is an advanced programmatic solution driving highly efficient results for both publishers and advertisers. Here we explain in short how it works and how you can benefit from it. Modern advertising solutions explained Programmatic platforms use advanced technology to buy and sell ads automatically. It means, there are two sides here, who aim […]

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Earn bitcoins with TokenAd – no website needed

TokenAd Team is ready to announce yet another way to make profit, this time even without owning a website. We are here to confirm that TokenAd Referral Program is officially live!   How does it work? On Registering with the TokenAd Network the system automatically generates a Referral link which is unique for every account. […]

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5 reasons to place bitcoin ads on your website and earn crypto

Among hundreds of methods to make money online, it can get a little confusing which one to choose, especially if your aim is to get paid in cryptocurrencies. Many such methods require special skills, profound knowledge and a great amount of work that in the end don’t even pay off. There are also numerous sources […]

TokenAd showcasing its technology at Blockshow Singapore by Cointelegraph

Being the first blockchain advertising network we couldn’t afford to miss the opportunity to meet and partner with the world’s key value generators at Blockshow Asia. This groundbreaking event was dedicated to showcasing the most prominent solutions and bring businesses together with the Blockchain. This technology is doubtlessly changing digital marketing environment forever, let alone […]

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TokenAd exhibiting at Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Moscow

  TokenAd, the first advertising network on blockchain, took part in the key Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Moscow, 15-16 November. The conference covered all the burning topics: Cryptocurrencies Application of Blockchain New type of investment – ICO On the opening day of the conference, TokenAd Head of Marketing held a speech on our project’s […]

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Top industry innovators meetup at BlockShow Asia

And our next stop is Singapore. This time TokenAd is going to join a major international  Conference – BlockShow Asia.  Top innovative solutions and groundbreaking blockchain projects are going to be presented there and TokenAd is among those.     Have you ever thought, how blockchain can make a huge impact on all industries of […]

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Meet TokenAd in person at Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Moscow

For the sixth time key blockchain & bitcoin event will gather major Russian and foreign industry leaders on 15-16 November in Moscow, an event TokenAd Team can’t afford to miss! The conference will cover all burning topics: Cryptocurrencies Application of Blockchain New type of investment – ICO     TokenAd CEO Vladislav Sidorov is going […]

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TokenAd featured in the Top 3 advertising industry changers

One of the prominent Russian digital marketing sources included TokenAd in the top 3 advertising industry changers. Thanks to our own blockchain solution an enormous amount of data will be recorded and up to 40 thousands of transactions processed at the same moment. Here lies the key advantage as compared to other advertising networks. […]

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TokenAd Team visited the Blockchain Solutions Barcelona

  Only a few weeks past after official announcement of the ICO launch at DMEXCO and TokenAd Team is on the road again. The next major event to visit was Blockchain Solutions Barcelona, where our Co-founder and Executive Director Vladislav Sidorov met prominent representatives of the industry and discussed our project development with investors.   […]

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TokenAd officially announced its pre-ICO launch at DMEXCO 2017

Our Team visited the leading digital marketing conference DMEXCO to officially announce TokenAd pre-ICO launch. We took part in the event that featured 40 700 visitors, 1100 exhibitors and 570+ speakers as an exhibitor alongside major players of the industry. It’s a common fact that everything related to blockchain & cryptocurrencies is particularly popular right […]

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