Stop losing 25% of your profits! Switch Anti-Adblock feature ON!


There’s no doubt that every website owner has a right to get a fair and stable income for the traffic he provides. However, a big rival appeared on a way of a publisher recently.

Day by day, all sorts of ad-blocking plugins are gaining popularity and thereby affect the income of publishers significantly. According to the recent research, 615 million of devices used adblock in 2017. It means that a quarter of your website visitors don’t see any ads on it, which leads to a dramatic CTR and Revenue drop.


That’s why we started developing an Anti-AdBlock technology to protect your income from the loss. And after several months of a very hard work, we present a solution – TokenAd Anti-Adblock plugin. By running hundreds of tests we discovered that installing the Anti-AdBlock code brings our publishers 25% higher revenue.

Go ahead, read further step by step instruction on how exactly to integrate Anti-AdBlock plugin and securely increase your revenue.


A few simple steps to install Anti-Adblock plugin:

First, choose section “Sites” in the menu


Second, click “Edit sites widget button”


And finally, click “Install AntiAdblock” button to get the code


Once finished, all you need to do is just to Install widget code directly into your website body, using HTML. If you have any questions, please contact your support manager. He will help you with the installation.

Moreover, there’s even an easier way to install this highly useful feature on your website. If you are running your website on WordPress, just install TokenAd WordPress Plugin and it’s all done. WordPress plugin will save your time and reduce income cuts!