How to boost your income easily by attracting more referrals

Did you know that you can make money with TokenAd simply by referring other webmasters to our network? All you need to do is spread the word about our monetization solutions and get 5% lifetime from every weekly payment your referrals receive. Sounds good, right? But bear in mind one important thing: you earn money only when people you referred earn money. It means that you shouldn’t waste your time on attracting wrong audiences. Even if you manage to get a thousand referrals, in the end not all of them run bitcoin-related websites to start monetizing them with TokenAd. That’s why today we’ve prepared a list of 4 simple but very effective ways to boost your income used by our long-term partners to build their community of referrals.


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Share your success story with the world


The main idea behind every piece of content is to bring value to your reader. You can easily achieve this by teaching the world how to earn money from a website! Making money online by running your very own website would be an absolute dream come true for many out there. You of all people know that it isn’t a myth and it is doable by anyone. In fact – turning a part-time blog into an income-generating asset is fairly common with a bit of luck and some work. Just share the knowledge and your personal invaluable experience anywhere on the web. Make the most out of social media, forums, blogs, webmaster communities and even comment sections under themed articles. Don’t forget to insert your unique referral link to get an additional handsome bonus as a reward for your efforts.


Write a review on TokenAd features


If you happen to run a personal blog apart from your main bitcoin-related website or have an opportunity to make a guest post on other web sources focused on monetization & making money online, don’t hesitate to write a review on TokenAd features. Tell people how you managed to earn this much and receive even more when they start monetizing too. Also, it’s a great idea to upload a short introductory video or a tutorial on Youtube for everyone to watch. It’s easy and absolutely free, just don’t forget to insert your referral link in the description box.


Share valuable tips & tricks on effective monetization


Are you an active member of the bitcoin community? If so, there is a 99% chance you have an account on bitcointalk or other prominent crypto resources out there. Why waste an opportunity to make some money then? Just insert your referral link in your signature and it will appear under every single post you write – maximum exposure and 100% target audience guaranteed! It would also help if you’re willing to share some monetization tips & tricks with forum members as well. There’re hundreds of active threads where people seek advice on how to start earning crypto, and that’s where your advice will come in handy.


Place a TokenAd banner on your website


The easiest and the quickest way to refer people to TokenAd by far is to place a banner on your website. In fact, all the people who visit your page will see the banner, and if they’re interested, they will join TokenAd via your referral link. This banner will serve as an ad, but in this case, you will be the one to get paid. Works like a charm, and no effort needed, whatsoever.


We sincerely hope you’ve found this article helpful! Let us remind you, that income starts accumulating on your account from the very first clicks achieved by your referrals. As soon as you reach minimum payout threshold from either your website Revenue or Referral income, you can request a payout in a regular way. There is no limit on the number of days which your Referral must remain a TokenAd publisher. So good luck in building your personal army of referrals!