Where to find quality crypto traffic on a moderate budget?

As you all know the number of crypto projects is growing massively from day to day and the growth has just started. Therefore, it becomes really hard to stand out in this crowd and get people’s attention to your idea. That’s why we’ve created TokenAd – an advertising network for all kinds of crypto-related projects.


TokenAd is a bitcoin advertising network that works with 500+ crypto-related websites worldwide. We work directly with publishers who accumulate massive audience obsessed with everything related to the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs – and they are willing to advertise your product or service on their niche websites! TokenAd is a perfect solution if you are amongst those who aim at attracting:


  • Active traders to your cryptocurrency exchange
  • Investors for your ICO
  • Engaged traffic for your crypto educational program/seminar
  • Eager participants to your crypto events
  • Genuinely interested audience in anything crypto


We offer our partners a wide range of advertising format options. However, our top performing format is Native. The main difference between Native and other formats is in the delivery: because consumers are more inclined to engage with a piece of content, they’re 20-60% more willing to pay attention to native advertising than to banner ads.

Thanks to our in-house RTB platform we provide precise targeting and advanced settings for your ad campaign. In order to protect your funds, we’ve created an automated anti-fraud system that monitors and prevents fraudulent activities around the clock. Learn how we fight ad fraud and who sends false crypto traffic here>> Get access only to a highly engaged audience and get hundreds of leads for your crypto-related offers with the following options:


Geo targeting

Enhance your presence in specific regions


Pay in fiat or crypto

We accept both fiat and cryptocurrencies at your choice


Flexible payment options

Run CPM campaigns for banners or CPC for native format according to your advertising goals


Specific websites targeting

And many more tools for premium partners


In order to launch a new advertising campaign and attract the massive audience interested in everything crypto contact ann@token.ad or simply leave a request in the contact form.