Fraud crypto traffic warning: stay away from these scam websites

Ad fraud is continuing to be a modern marketer’s main concern. Advertisers are said to be wasting up to $51 million a day on thousands of websites receiving fake traffic, which may add up to well over $19 billion in wasted ad spend by the end of 2018.* While most people blame it on bot traffic, there is a considerable amount of ad fraud committed by agencies and publishers themselves.

The most common forms of ad fraud include:

  • Bot traffic: inflated clicks and impressions;
  • Ads on platforms that cannot be seen by real users;
  • Paid traffic or use deliberate platforms to misrepresent data and ad performance.

Bot traffic and fraudulent clicks not only lead to a huge budget loss but also hurt your reputation and online presence. The problem is not going away anytime soon as the fraudsters are becoming more and more sophisticated. In order to protect our advertisers’ funds, we’ve developed an advanced anti-fraud system at TokenAd that automatically detects false crypto traffic and bans all attempts at cheating.

How do we detect fraud crypto traffic?

TokenAd is a bitcoin advertising network that accumulates crypto traffic from 500+ websites worldwide. We work with publishers directly and our system processes millions of clicks every day. In order to monitor and prevent any violations or fraudulent activities in time, we’ve created an automated anti-fraud system.

As soon as any suspicious activity is detected, the system starts monitoring all the incoming crypto traffic a web source receives and carefully analyzes such factors as viewability, engagement and conversion rates. If any kind of fraudulent activity is detected, the website owner receives a warning, and in case no action is taken to eliminate this, this particular website gets banned from the system.

In short, the TokenAd anti-fraud system performs:

  • Bot traffic detection: you can be sure all incoming crypto traffic is genuine and comes directly from quality sources;
  • Ad fraud prevention: web sources with invalid traffic are automatically banned from the system;
  • Funds protection: you do not pay for fraudulent clicks & impressions.

 How TokenAd Crypto Advertising Network detects fraud traffic Infographics


Unfortunately, the problem still exists when it comes to real users. Ad fraud committed by real people is actually the hardest to detect. While the clicks and impressions may be false, the actual users behind them are real. Most ad verification software won’t blacklist real end-users. In such cases, TokenAd Moderation Team checks and monitors every website manually.

A website that is suspected of sending false crypto traffic is “put under quarantine”. It means that lower rates per click/impression are applied to this particular website and a member of the TokenAd Moderation Team is assigned to monitor all activity. If no conversions occur over a certain amount of time and the website owner fails to improve the traffic quality, the website is banned from the system. Honest publishers that attract genuine audience to their page have nothing to worry about: we value our partnership with every webmaster and collaborate with them on premium conditions. See 5 reasons you should start monetizing your crypto-related website today with TokenAd>>

That’s how we achieve maximum ad campaign efficiency for our partners. TokenAd helps advertisers promote their ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin news portals, apps or services worldwide by reaching able-to-pay audiences on crypto-related web sources. Register now to get access to quality crypto traffic and run your first ad campaign.

Who stands behind false crypto traffic?

However, no matter how advanced your ad verification software might be or how skilled your moderators are, nobody is protected from scam. This issue affects us all. Per Google:

“The digital advertising ecosystem is built on trust, working at its best when all participants are good, and when no one tries to deceive anyone else. That’s why ad fraud is potentially damaging – it can erode trust.”

For example, there are webmasters that receive their payments from TokenAd in advance and then never run ads on their website – scammers that take the money and disappear. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done about this – except warning everybody else against trusting them.

Most of all we value transparency and honesty of the crypto community and one of our main goals is to take an active part and contribute to it. We decided to share our ultimate list of scam & fraud websites with you. The list provides full website statistics and reasons for the ban. TokenAd had a negative experience collaborating with them, so we strongly advise you against trusting these websites. Make sure you bookmark the page as the TokenAd Websites Blacklist will be updated regularly.

 See Full TokenAd Websites Blacklist


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*according to Juniper Research