Highly productive advertising: the technology behind TokenAd platform

TokenAd platform is an advanced programmatic solution driving highly efficient results for both publishers and advertisers. Here we explain in short how it works and how you can benefit from it.

Modern advertising solutions explained

Programmatic platforms use advanced technology to buy and sell ads automatically. It means, there are two sides here, who aim to reach their objectives. There are Advertisers – called buyers or the Demand-Side Platform (DSP) – who are willing to reach their customers by placing ads on websites visited by their target audience, and Publishers – sellers or the Supply-Side Platform (SSP) – who intend to earn money by creating powerful & engaging content, that attracts many visitors. But how do they get to work together?



In the past ads were placed directly on randomly chosen websites, a strategy ineffective for both advertisers (who spent at least half of their budget on a totally uninterested audience) and publishers (who lost revenue due to poorly chosen ads & low click-through rates). But with the introduction of the Real-time Bidding (RTB) technology the process of buying and selling ads became automated.



Who benefits from RTB?

For example, in the past, if an advertiser wanted to promote their product aimed at 20-35-year-old tech-savvy youth, they were still forced to buy all ad impressions in bulk. It means that all people visiting a particular source would see this ad disregarding of their age or interests. With Real-time bidding, an auction environment was established where advertisers can show their ads only to specific, carefully chosen audiences. In other words, no more budget loss on engaging uninterested people!

As for publishers, the technology analyzes millions of ads in real-time and sells your space to the highest bidder within fractions of a second. Thus, you can be sure that your ad spot brings you maximum revenue possible! All this is functioning thanks to the precise targeting solution called the DMP (Data Management Platform) which aggregates and stores info about all users accessing the web, from their age and gender to their interests and buying preferences.



How does RTB benefit you?

To sum up all said above, programmatic advertising presents an endless amount of advantages to both publishers and advertisers:

  • Maximum profit from website traffic
  • Access to relevant audiences only for a fair price determined by the auction
  • Only relevant ads shown to get more clicks and higher revenue
  • Highly engaged audience is going to see an ad to bring more conversions
  • Full control over ads customization for publishers
  • Full control over ads creatives & content for advertisers