How to earn from a crypto website with Bitcoin Advertising network

TokenAd is a bitcoin advertising network which focuses on crypto-related website monetization and helps bring extra results to our publishers. How do we make it happen? Crypto world boomed in 2017 and amount of interest went over the moon with it accordingly. TokenAd team created a network exclusively focused on all crypto and blockchain related topics, to monetize accelerated interest and traffic, providing best rates, thanks to the RTB technology.


 TokenAd Case Study: How to earn from a crypto website


The concept of work with a bitcoin advertising network is extremely simple:

  1. You register in the TokenAd system;
  2. Add your website, which then goes through moderation process;
  3. Once successful, you receive an ad widget, with customisable design, so it fits your website perfectly;
  4. Then you place it on your site and start receiving income either in Fiat or Crypto at your choice.

For more details, check out our How to Start Guide.


 Bitcoin Advertising Network Ad Example TokenAd


According to recent research, over 25% users actively use AdBlock, which cuts publishers’ income by a quarter! TokenAd provides Anti-AdBlock feature to all platform users, to get 100% of website traffic monetized. Just by activating Anti-Adblock, your profits increase by 25%, learn more about it here.

TokenAd publishers work with a bitcoin advertising network based on CPC or CPM model, depending on website relevancy and the amount of traffic it processes. Our system automatically checks publisher’s traffic and determine the quality of the website, which allows us to block fraud traffic. The relevancy of the website is checking by our experts manually so it suits our network perfectly.

On the other hand, all ads within TokenAd system also go through the moderation process to match crypto topic and be completely clean, which therefore brings outstanding monetization results to TokenAd publishers, to know more, read an article about 5 reasons to start monetizing with TokenAd.

For instance, one of the platform pioneers earns up to $0,15 for each click (CPC). What made it happen? The whole concept of the website is completely related to the crypto topic, covering exchanges, ICOs and latest crypto news, which drives most relevant audience. TokenAd widget provides sponsored content which is visually native to the website content, meeting users expectations and interests, which therefore drives higher engagement rates.


 Bitcoin Advertising Network Native Ad Widget TokenAd


How much revenue from a bitcoin advertising network should you expect?

In case you are more of a big fish, the TokenAd platform offers CPM payment basis for the websites with a large amount of traffic. Prepayment option is available for large publishers, TokenAd team is open for mutually-beneficial partnerships and willing to pay upfront for the forecasted ad impressions to a promising website.

As a result, our exclusive partnership with one of the brightest spaces for crypto-related discussions brought quality traffic with the CTR rate over 4,4% and gained $3.5k in just one month, solely by placing TokenAd widget on their website.  As well as another partner, who hits over 1.7mil impressions a month and earns over $1.8k every 10 days by driving highly engaged audience to their website.


 How to earn from a crypto website with Bitcoin Advertising network TokenAd


TokenAd team has created a tool which helps you monetize your traffic with a bitcoin advertising network by providing super-relevant ads for better user experience of your crypto-website visitors. But publisher himself is the most powerful income generator, if you provide great, unique and relevant content for your readers, the potential for monetization income grows exponentially. To help you improve least performing aspects of your websites, TokenAd account managers are there to help with widget customisation, placement and performance boost advise, and you can reach for their help 24/7. Are you ready to boost your monetization activity even further? Get in touch with TokenAd team today!