How to get paid in bitcoin regularly? TokenAd Payment Policy explained

Still confused how to get paid in bitcoin weekly or when to expect your next TokenAd payment? In this article, we provide a detailed explanation of how and when we process all publisher payments to make sure you know exactly when your next payment lands into your wallet.

 Get paid in bitcoin weekly TokenAd payment


First of all, if you wish to get paid in bitcoin or any other currency, check that you have chosen a payment method which is the most convenient for you to receive TokenAd weekly payments. Access your Dashboard and click on your username, then select a preferred payment method (see the complete list of all TokenAd payment methods and their overviews here>>):

 Get paid in bitcoin TokenAd Admin Panel Payment Methods

Choose the most convenient payment method to receive TokenAd weekly payments


TokenAd system processes all payments once a week. It means that if you’ve accumulated enough balance to match minimum threshold of your preferred payment method this week (see the complete list of all TokenAd payment methods and minimum payouts here>>) your payment will be automatically processed during the next week. The timing depends heavily on the payment services provider of your choice: you may have to wait 2 or 3 days or even a week to receive the money. Please note that TokenAd system sends your payment immediately, but it solely depends on a service provider when the money will actually appear on your account.


How do I check my payment status?


In order to track all your payments check the “Payments” section in your Dashboard. There you can see all the pending and completed payments and their details. If you are sure you’ve accumulated enough money on your account and still no “pending” status appears, contact Support immediately.

 Your bitcoin payment statuses TokenAd Admin Panel


Track all your payments via Payments section in the TokenAd Dashboard


It’s easy to track both referral income and your ad revenue: check the corresponding columns of each payment to learn the details. Also, you can sort all the payments by date of transaction or by period of work.


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