How to Start with TokenAd

TokenAd is an advertising network that works only with crypto-related websites, be it bitcoin news portals, blogs, ICO rankings, trading platforms or cryptocurrency exchangers. If you run a website that falls into any of these categories, TokenAd is surely the best monetization solution for you! Here’s a quick guide how to get started with the platform:

1. First of all, you need to register. Access and click “Try it now” or “Log in”



2. Select “Register” at the bottom and fill in your email address, Skype id (optional) and password. Make sure that you have “I’m a publisher” option selected. As soon as you’re done, click “Register”



3. On successfully filling in the registration form you will be sent a confirmation link. Check your email at once and activate TokenAd account by clicking the button.



4. Now you can access your account using login and password. To start running ads on your website you need to add it first. Choose 1. “Sites” in the menu and click 2. “Add site”



5. Fill in the gaps with your website’s URL, language and monthly traffic. Make sure the data you entered is correct: it will make the moderation process faster. Then click “Add”:



6. In order to submit your site for moderation, you need to install at least 1 ad widget. Follow system instructions and choose the type of ads you wish to install from the following: Native ads, Bottomline (mobile ads), Video or Banner ads. Click “Add widget”



7. Now it’s time to get creative! Customize the widget to your liking, setting up everything from background & font to the number of creatives in a row. Overall, there are more than 50 different settings available. Bear in mind that if you are running Native ads on your website, the widget should look as close to the design of your page as possible. When you’re done with the settings, hit “Save” (1). To generate the widget code, click “HTML code” below (2).



Just copy and paste the HTML code into your website’s body in order for the widget to start showing.



8. If you’ve done everything step-by-step, you should already see ads running on your page. If you’ve encountered any problem along the way and need support, don’t hesitate to contact us via “Support”. Your personal manager is always there to help!