ICO advertising in 2018: how to promote your ICO without Google & Facebook

ICO advertising is becoming increasingly difficult to run as we move further into 2018. Some of the largest advertising platforms, organizations and even governments are proceeding with banning all kinds of ICO promotions. It’s hard to find the real reason behind these bans. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube claim to protect their users (and themselves) from fraud and token scams by completely banning ICO advertising, but some say they could be feeling threatened by the increasing popularity of the blockchain technology.

In June 2018 Google stopped running all cryptocurrency ads including those of ICOs, exchanges, wallets etc. The loss of such a huge source of traffic has the potential to severely damage the future development of the ICO industry. As the situation currently stands, you are very limited in the ways of attracting new investors, even if your ICO is a helpful and valuable project. Statistics prove that $4 billion were raised by ICOs in 2017*, a number that will be difficult to reach with such poor access to the target audience.

Alternatives to ICO advertising on Google & Facebook

All a result of this widespread ban the sources of crypto-related traffic became very limited and the traffic itself – wildly expensive. ICO advertising budgets revealed by the top ICOs of 2018 shocked the crypto community. Even experienced marketers haven’t been prepared for the huge investments an ICO advertising requires.

Some of the proven ways to promote an ICO and gain investors’ attention include:


  • Taking an active part in the leading crypto industry events: speaking at conferences, meeting potential investors face-to-face at exhibitions and growing brand recognition by events sponsorship;
  • Getting listed in reliable ICO ratings;
  • Spreading the word about your project literally everywhere on the Internet by initiating & joining the discussions on Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, Quora, Bitcointalk etc.
  • Building the community around your project by setting up your corporate & personal Social Media accounts and making sure you answer all incoming messages & requests;
  • Publishing articles & press releases about your ICO on popular crypto-related websites;
  • Collaborating with opinion leaders and ordering reviews of your product;
  • Making the most out of email marketing by setting up a subscription form on your website and building an effective sales funnel for better conversion rates.


If you really wish to succeed, you have to leverage all the methods mentioned above and even more. According to the recent testimonials of one of the leading ICO’s Chief Marketing Officer**, you should be prepared to spend up to $300 000 on marketing & promotion alone. Everything is 3x times more expensive when you’re launching a crypto-related startup, that’s why such shocking amounts are spent on ICO advertising. But even if you’re prepared to spend the money, nobody guarantees the efficiency of your promotion and chances are up to half of your budget could be wasted. Is there a way to get more ICO advertising efficiency for less money? Let’s find out below.

Effective ICO advertising on a moderate budget

The main target of an effective ICO promotion is that your message reaches the right audience. Because even if you buy ads on hundreds of web sources but the audience of these sources has no idea what a cryptocurrency actually is – all your efforts (and budgets) turn to zero. So is there a proven way to 1. reach only those people who are interested in crypto and 2. do so for a little bit less than a fortune? This is exactly what we had in mind when we decided to create TokenAd – an advertising network strictly dedicated to crypto-related products and services.


ICO advertising 2018 how to promote your ICO crypto project without Google and Facebook ban


The main feature of TokenAd and the one single idea that makes our advertising network stand out amongst all others is that we work directly with websites that accumulate massive audience obsessed with everything related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. It means that your ads cannot be affected by Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other ban! Now you don’t have to rely on such expensive sources of traffic that won’t show your ads even if you pay them great amount of money. Right now TokenAd collaborate directly with more than 500 crypto publishers around the world.

What’s more, TokenAd is the only advertising network that serves your ads in Native format. It is the only format in 2018 that actually works well for advertisers: not intrusive yet very well exposed to website visitors. Your ad naturally blends in with crypto-related website content (be it an ICO listing, piece of breaking news or new coins review) and easily attracts a reader’s attention.

Usually readers get put off by other ads (especially banner ads) as they’re too intrusive & interfering with content (because hey, the main reason the reader is there in the first place is that he or she found a piece of content that they’re really interested in). But when exposed to Native ads the reader perceives those ads as a part of the content and is more inclined to engage with them. So Native format effectively fulfills all of the main advertiser’s needs: 1. brings maximum exposure 2. provides high engagement rates 3. builds trust.

We are constantly working on enhancing our services and our main priority is helping you reach your advertising goals by providing the best-quality crypto traffic possible. Our advertisers can choose what GEO they wish to cover, the websites they want to advertise on and negotiate flexible payment conditions on a CPM or a CPC basis. The quality of our traffic is guaranteed by the advanced anti-fraud system that automatically detects false crypto traffic and bans all attempts at cheating to protect your advertising budget and ensure maximum campaign efficiency. You can explore this feature alongside with the complete list of scam & fraud crypto-related websites in a separate article by TokenAd here>>.


Ready to launch your first ICO advertising campaign?

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