How to increase your income by 78.5% with correct crypto ads placement

TokenAd Team is constantly researching new undiscovered ways of crypto ads optimization to increase the income of our publishers. In today’s post we are going to share with your our recent findings which will help you gain as much as 78.5% more money, all this without making significant changes to your website.

You are already familiar with the CTR – the click-through rate of an ad – the vital factor when it comes to calculating a publisher’s revenue. You can learn more about other vital factors influencing your bitcoin income in our previous blog entry. This month TokenAd Experts focused on a comprehensive study of the CTR to define which factors influence it the most and how we can make use of it to achieve excellent results.

Top performing crypto ads placement

A crypto-related news website was chosen as a testing platform. The average statistics indicate 500k unique users per month that make this particular website perfect for the research. To make the testing process as clear and free from error as possible, 5 widgets containing the same amount of teasers have been placed in different sections of the website (as shown on the picture below):

 How to place crypto ads on your website to earn bitcoin


Initially, the general aim was to define which block of crypto ads attracts more attention and, as a result, generates more clicks. During the testing period, we started registering the difference between the CTR of each widget after it had reached 500k impressions. The results are shown below:

 Crypto Ads Statistics Performance TokenAd


According to the study, the highest CTR registered belonged to those ad widgets which placement met the following criteria:

  1. placed within content feed, i. e. crypto ads blend in organically;
  2. visible from the first screen, i. e. without scrolling down the page;
  3. arranged horizontally.

How to hold your crypto website visitors’ attention

The CTR of the widget, placed above trending news block is higher by 78.5% than of the same one, placed below the content. The right sidebar widget at the bottom of the page proved to have the lowest CTR.

These results are also proven by the officially acknowledged studies analysing people’s abilities to focus and distribute attention on the web page:

  1. The main focus of a visitor lies within the first screen, i.e. without scrolling down the page;
  2. The closer a widget is placed towards the first screen of the site the higher CTR it hits;
  3. Those widgets placed in the right column attract fewer users’ attention than those placed inside the content feed.

 Where place crypto ads on your site to gain bitcoin


Where should I place my crypto ads to ensure maximum profit?

To sum up all the info above, in order to increase your income by 78.5% you, as a publisher, need to arrange your crypto ads widgets in a smart way. Place your widget right at the top of the page and as close to the first screen as possible to ensure the highest CTR. At all costs avoid placing ads in the blind zone and at the bottom of the page. Don’t expect that advertising will bring you good revenue if it is placed somewhere where visitors can’t interact with it. Remember, the higher CTR your ad widget generates, the more revenue your traffic will bring you. Monetize smart and make the most out of your website’s crypto traffic!


 Earn bitcoin by monetizing crypto traffic with TokenAd


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