Make your crypto ads 41% more clickable with one simple trick

This week TokenAd Team reveals a simple, yet very effective trick on how to make your crypto ads CTR soar without really making any effort.


Make crypto ads 41% more clickable with this simple trick


Effective solutions are not always difficult. Sometimes a very simple trick can save your day. Just out of curiosity, TokenAd Team decided to test how an image size change would affect CTR and webmaster income. The results proved to be surprising because nobody believed this detail affects vital advertising factors that much.

How does crypto ads image size affect CTR and publisher income?

Our Expert Team has collaborated with a long-term TokenAd partner from Brazil to run several tests. An in-depth altcoins analysis source with high CTR rates and great income was chosen as a testing platform.

During 2 weeks time, we’ve been changing the image size of a creative inside the most clickable In-Content Top widget. At first, small images were installed as a default. But after reaching 500K ad impressions we’ve enlarged images so that they covered almost all space inside the widget. This is how the widget looked like before and after alterations + its statistics:

 Make crypto ads more clickable CTR infographics TokenAd


According to the statistics gathered after receiving the test results, the widget with bigger images proved to be the most effective. We can’t say we expected different results, as the recent studies estimate that most of the time people tend to “scan” through the page focusing their attention preferentially on images. But when it comes to calculating how much money it can bring… 41% more revenue a webmaster receives literally without making any substantial changes to the website! It’s really worth the trouble!

How to make your crypto ads more clickable:

1. Predominantly images always attract more attention as compared to the text. For generating more clicks the widget should contain bigger images.

2. A caption is a crucial element of a teaser which plays a key role in capturing visitors’ attention. But the research proves it does not influence the CTR as dramatically, as an attractive and engaging image.

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