5 reasons to place bitcoin ads on your website and earn crypto

Among hundreds of methods to make money online, it can get a little confusing which one to choose, especially if your aim is to get paid in cryptocurrencies. Many such methods require special skills, profound knowledge and a great amount of work that in the end don’t even pay off. There are also numerous sources all over the Internet that claim to bring you passive income without any effort from your side. 10 out of 10 times such sources are in fact scam schemes created in order to take hold of your money or personal info. But there are other proven ways of generating passive income that are used by millions of people worldwide. Running your own website – be it a personal blog or a news portal – is one of them.


 5 reasons to place bitcoin ads and earn bitcoin TokenAd


Another question is – how exactly do you make money off your website? That’s where TokenAd comes to help. TokenAd network allows you to make profit from your crypto-related website by showing bitcoin ads to your visitors. We work directly with website owners willing to monetize their bitcoin news websites, blogs, ICO rankings, trading platforms & cryptocurrency exchanges on exclusive partnership conditions. Thanks to targeted crypto-related ads TokenAd brings better visitor engagement and more ad clicks, as a result providing you with higher profit.

Here are 5 factors that make your collaboration with us convenient and profitable. Let’s consider each one of them thoroughly.


TokenAd provides payments in bitcoin in advance


Get flexible conditions & payments in advance

We work on a CPM or a CPC basis. It means you can choose to get paid either for a click on bitcoin ads (CPC) or for a number of times an ad is shown to your visitors (CPM). One spot on your crypto-related website can earn you up to $5 for a thousand views. Exclusive partners with authority websites and large audiences get premium rates and work on a pre-payment basis.

How can you be sure our bitcoin ads won’t spoil your website and generate good revenue at the same time? All ads within TokenAd system go through a strict moderation process to match crypto topic and be completely clean. High revenue is guaranteed by the in-house RTB platform that analyses millions of ads real-time and shows only those that match a visitor’s interests and buying preferences.

For instance, our exclusive partnership with one of the brightest spaces for crypto-related discussions brought quality traffic with the CTR rate over 4,4%. Its owner gained $3.5k in just one month, solely by placing TokenAd widget on their website. Explore a Case Study how to earn from a crypto website with bitcoin advertising network here>>


 Earn bitcoin no investment with TokenAd bitcoin ads


Earn crypto – no investment, with or without a website

Looking for a safe and proven way to earn crypto? Running a crypto-related website and monetizing it with bitcoin ads is surely one of the best as it is completely risk-free.

TokenAd partners get paid weekly in crypto or fiat currencies at their choice. As soon as your account balance reaches minimum withdrawal threshold (explore the full list of payment methods here>>) your TokenAd payment is automatically processed. Forget all the troubles with receiving payments: fill in your wallet address once and you’re free to focus on keeping the website interesting & useful to your audience.

If running a website doesn’t really suit you for whatever reason, there’s still a solution. Earn crypto without investment by referring people to TokenAd. Spread the word about the benefits of working with us and get 5% lifetime from every payment your referral receives! A nice bonus to your income, isn’t it? Learn how to attract more referrals and skyrocket your revenue here>>

P.S. Another great point to consider: bearing in mind how fast cryptocurrencies’ rates grow, you can turn your bitcoin ads revenue into a really good investment if you’re willing to put a bit of effort.




Don’t let AdBlockers steal your bitcoin ads revenue

Running a website and keeping it engaging undoubtedly requires much effort. Everyone deserves receiving fair and stable income from their websites, but something bigger stands in their way. The spread of various ad-blocking solutions leads to huge revenue losses for publishers as the bitcoin ads are no longer visible to users no matter what device they are using: PC, tablet or mobile.

TokenAd aimed at putting an end to this injustice and came up with its own advanced Anti-Adblock solution. This is an easy, safe and absolutely free defence against losing money and sharing your revenue with ad-blockers. Don’t miss a single bitcoin ads impression and be sure that 100% of your traffic earns you money! Learn how to install the TokenAd Anti-Adblock here>>


 Build a crypto website WordPress and earn bitcoin without investment TokenAd


No website? Get started easily with WordPress

Not yet running a crypto website but looking for an easy way to launch one? When it comes to building a website fast (and with no coding skills) – WordPress is a proven solution as ⅓ of all websites in the world are run on this CMS. But when it comes to its monetization – TokenAd is ready to provide you with an effortless solution. Make money off your newborn page from day one with TokenAd WordPress Plugin. As no minimum traffic is required to join the network, install the plugin and place bitcoin ads right after you’ve finished building your page.

You can’t afford to wait much longer! As crypto continues to be a burning topic, use it to your advantage and start monetizing the most profitable traffic of 2018 with bitcoin ads. Learn how to launch your first page and monetize it with TokenAd plugin effortlessly here>>


  TokenAd provides support in 25 languages place bitcoin ads


Get professional support in your language

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a monetization guru or just starting with the basics – a personal support manager is always there to share his expertise and help to improve your website performance. TokenAd multilingual team provides fast & comprehensive support in 25 languages. Unlike any other form of website monetization, TokenAd doesn’t require you to have any skills or online marketing knowledge. You can always refer to your personal manager in your native language and get professional assistance. Discover a Case Study where a TokenAd regional manager helped our partner increase revenue by 78.5% with correct bitcoin ads placement>>

Don’t hesitate to contact Support for account setting, ads placement and performance boost advice any time.


Making money online from bitcoin ads is not difficult at all. All you need is to register (only email needed) and install your first bitcoin ads widget. With minimum effort and no special skills or knowledge required, you get a 100% passive income stream. On registration, you are assigned a personal manager that will guide you through account setting and ads installation. Also, you get to choose if you wish to receive payments in US dollars or cryptocurrencies.


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