Fraud crypto traffic warning: stay away from these scam websites

Ad fraud is continuing to be a modern marketer’s main concern. Advertisers are said to be wasting up to $51 million a day on thousands of websites receiving fake traffic, which may add up to well over $19 billion in wasted ad spend by the end of 2018.* While most people blame it on bot […]

How to get paid in bitcoin regularly? TokenAd Payment Policy explained

Payment Policy TokenAd Network

Still confused how to get paid in bitcoin weekly or when to expect your next TokenAd payment? In this article, we provide a detailed explanation of how and when we process all publisher payments to make sure you know exactly when your next payment lands into your wallet.     First of all, if you […]

How to earn from a crypto website with Bitcoin Advertising network

How to monetize a crypto website with TokenAd

TokenAd is a bitcoin advertising network which focuses on crypto-related website monetization and helps bring extra results to our publishers. How do we make it happen? Crypto world boomed in 2017 and amount of interest went over the moon with it accordingly. TokenAd team created a network exclusively focused on all crypto and blockchain related […]

TokenAd WordPress plugin for a fast & easy start

Looking for a tool to launch your first crypto-related website or earn some bitcoins from an existing one? TokenAd is happy to present a plugin specially designed for the most popular blogging & website platform – WordPress. This WP plugin enables you to start generating income from your site no matter how much traffic it […]

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Highly productive advertising: the technology behind TokenAd platform

TokenAd platform is an advanced programmatic solution driving highly efficient results for both publishers and advertisers. Here we explain in short how it works and how you can benefit from it. Modern advertising solutions explained Programmatic platforms use advanced technology to buy and sell ads automatically. It means, there are two sides here, who aim […]

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Earn bitcoins with TokenAd – no website needed

TokenAd Team is ready to announce yet another way to make profit, this time even without owning a website. We are here to confirm that TokenAd Referral Program is officially live!   How does it work? On Registering with the TokenAd Network the system automatically generates a Referral link which is unique for every account. […]

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