TokenAd Native Ads Experts helped Vietnamese website grow its revenue by 20%

Make the Most out of a Native Ad

Take a close look at a Recommendation widget. It consists of several images with captions, aimed at attracting visitors’ attention but never covering or distorting main content. This is the Golden Feature of a Native Ad – it never annoys readers thus preventing webmaster from losing audience’s trust. You never risk your reputation as money flows into your account. Isn’t it a dream come true?



Usually, webmasters go for square pictures inside a widget. TokenAd Experts constantly go off the beaten path to discover new monetization hacks, so they’ve run some tests to check if simple image size change affects vital income figures. With such a minor change made, nobody could ever imagine this test turning into a major breakthrough!

Revenue Up By 20% with No Website Changes

What happens if we change square pictures for rectangular? Will it affect site visitors’ perception and webmasters’ income in any way? These are the main questions TokenAd Team was willing to get answers for. That’s why they’ve collaborated with one of the trusted partners. A news website focused on top upcoming ICOs chosen for testing attracts 1M views per day on average, making it perfect for getting real-time transparent statistics. The result, a true game-changer, is shown below.



As you can see impressions, clicks and CTR soared by 20% alongside with the webmaster’s revenue. Talking money, isn’t it a handsome bonus? Just imagine that all this comes without making any changes to the website’s structure or content!

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