TokenAd WordPress plugin for a fast & easy start

Looking for a tool to launch your first crypto-related website or earn some bitcoins from an existing one? TokenAd is happy to present a plugin specially designed for the most popular blogging & website platform – WordPress.

This WP plugin enables you to start generating income from your site no matter how much traffic it receives. It means that as soon as you’ve launched your page and installed the plugin, you can focus entirely on content development and audience building.

It takes only five minutes of your time to install and configure the TokenAd WordPress plugin. Follow these instructions step-by-step and after you’ve finished, every click on an ad on your page will start bringing your profit.

Step 1. Access your WordPress Admin panel and select Plugins -> Add new (1). Type “tokenad” in the search field (2) for a quicker result. Locate TokenAd plugin and click “Install” (3).



Step 2. After the installation process is completed, activate the plugin by clicking the button.



Step 3. Access your TokenAd account using your login and password via

*Please note that in order to activate this plugin you are required to register and add your website to the TokenAd platform first. Learn How to Start with TokenAd here->



Step 4. Go to the account settings by clicking your username in the top-right corner.



Step 5. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you locate the “WordPress plugin” section. As soon as you select your website name the unique code called WP token will be generated. Copy it to clipboard (Ctrl+C).



Step 6. Access your WordPress Admin panel again, select TokenAd (1) and link your accounts by pasting the token (2). Don’t forget to Save changes (3). If you’ve done everything correctly up to this point, the system will start showing your account data and statistics.



Step 7. Now proceed with placing ads on your page. On selecting “Edit place” all the available ad spaces will be shown. Select the widget you wish to install (1) and click “Save” (2).



Step 8. Well done! The widgets are now active and showing correctly on the page. Ad performance & statistics are always available in your TokenAd Dashboard.



If you’ve encountered any problem along the way or your widgets fail to show, contact your personal manager immediately via “Support” in the TokenAd Admin panel.



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