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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

I have referred someone but they still registered via Main Page. Can I add them as my referral?


Sure! Make sure your referrals registered successfully. Then you need to tell them to submit a request via Support and we will register them as your referrals. TokenAd Team is always at your disposal and ready to help! Every referral linked to your account will earn you a commission of 5% from all the they make.

I know I have added many referrals but I still don’t receive much income. What’s wrong?


The main reason for this is that your referrals do not make profit. Even if you add hundreds of people, but they don’t happen to have a website or blog, you won’t receive income. You earn when they earn, so it is in your personal interest to make sure the referrals are successfully earning.

When will I get my first referral payment?


Income starts accumulating on your account from the very first clicks achieved by your Referrals. As soon as you reach minimum payout threshold from either your website Revenue or Referral income, you can request a payout in a regular way. There is no limit on the number of days which your Referral must remain a TokenAd publisher.